5 Myths About Home Alarm Systems Revealed

myths about home security systems


5 Myths About Home Alarm Systems Revealed


Do you think twice before setting up a lock on your phone, or securing your safe containing all your valuables with a secure passcode?

If we are so careful to ensure the safety of such things, then why do we ignore the safety of one of the most valuable possessions a person can have – our houses?

Gone are the days of locking up and feeling safe inside or away from home. Installing a home alarm system is the smart decision today.

Here are five myths about home alarm systems that have to be revealed that might be stopping you from taking this leap.


1. Needs landline connection

Buying a home alarm system that requires landline connection is a choice and not a requirement by any means. You can always buy a security system without a landline. Typically, such a system would use cellular technology to communicate with the security company’s monitoring centre. With any modern-day home security system, landline is a thing of the past.


2. Can be easily hacked

While even the highest security systems are not failsafe, most modern security systems are reliant on your home network and Wifi. By simply making sure your wireless network is password protected using a private network and hidden SSID, you can lower your chances of getting hacked drastically. In most cases, just the fact that you have a home security system is more likely to intimidate and ward off any potential intruders.


3. All too expensive

The cost totally depends on which provider you choose as well as the packages you decide on. You can always spend within a budget that works for you.

However, the recurring mindset is not that this is an all too expensive investment, but rather that this is an expense that can be avoided. But if you calculate the average price of valuables you might lose in a single burglary, then the amount you spend on a home security system would seem all too meagre.

Along with the safety of your house and valuables the safety of your family is important too. Furthermore, your own peace of mind is invaluable. These are things that you cannot put a price tag on.


4. People staying in gated and guarded communities do not need it

A “gated and guarded community” means there are walls outside those of your own house or condo and there are people safeguarding the area outside. Can you be as sure of a person’s 24/7 vigilance as you can be of a computer? People make mistakes but machines don’t.

And as for walls – when have walls kept a determined thief at bay? Walls and gates alone cannot ensure security to residents of condos. On the contrary, they could create an illusion of security that can lead residents to lower their guards and becoming soft targets for offenders of various crimes. Hence a strong security system is a must for gated communities as well.


5. Getting Into long-term contracts

The idea that home security companies force customers into long-term contracts that are next to impossible to get out of, is absolutely unfounded. You may use the professional monitoring services on a month-to-month basis and not get into any contracts whatsoever. So, you are able to get rid of that system or switch to a different company any time as you wish.


Are You Ready?

The facilities of having an alarm system far outweigh any cons you might think it has. With the top five common myths about home security system being revealed, we hope you are now ready to take the leap and get a reliable home security system for your own home.


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