House Got Robbed! Do Burglars Return?

The house just got robbed! You are busy putting your life back in order as quickly as possible yet having a traumatic experience. You never thought the burglars would return to the same house – at least not so soon. 

But the fact is, there are robbers who hit the same home twice in 24 hours! This was reported happened in a residential house in Ipoh. But, why do the burglars return to the scene of the crime again? Read this article to prevent a second break-in.


Why do the burglars return?

The burglars chose to return to the same house because they are already familiar with the break-in entrance and the easy escape. They are familiar with your time at home and out of home eases their process of entering and exiting your house. With the first successful attempt, their confidence built up, and they knew you never thought they would come back so quickly. Nevertheless, we know that one robber would have committed a crime again and again through the news.

To continue their searching process of the valuable things left on their first attempt. They have a rough idea of where you kept your things and the places they have left out from the first attempt. In addition, knowing that you would also have replaced some small items like handphones which are a necessity and easily accessible at the same place which is next to your bed. They would also assume that the missing bigger items would be quickly replaced at the very same location too.

Don’t ask why they come back for the same things. Robbers do not have a conscience and many times they are just impulsive.


Well, so how can we prevent a second break-in? 


1. Quickly Repair the Damages

First and foremost, we should quickly repair the damages. However, we should also consider changing our place of entrance or changing into a double security entry. Ensure our doors and window grills are always locked. You could install tinted glass to windows to avoid any temptations of having the chance to look at the inside of your house. You should consider keeping away your valuables like jewelry at different locations of your house, such as, the children’s room or perhaps a special place in the storeroom, or perhaps in the kitchenette. The reason is, the place that you think is safest and easiest for your access will then be the same thoughts of the robbers.


2. Beware of Dogs Sign

Put up a “Beware of Dogs” sign even if there are no dogs yet. However, make sure that your dogs do not take too long to be home. Having a dog or two actually saves you a lot of thefts and burglaries. The dogs are your alarm of any intruders or visitors of any kind, where they serve as a deterrent to a targeted house. Burglars will mingle around your area or outside your house, however, you will not see anyone mingling around your house anymore once your dogs arrive.


3. Install A Reliable Smart Home Security System

What else can we do to help ourselves and to help the authorities curb the increasing crime? Moreover, it will be helpful if we have some measure of proof to be able to assist the authorities, such as CCTV footage. Hence, install a reliable smart home security system.

truSafe smart security system is a neat wireless gadget that is connected to the professional Chubb monitoring system. You will receive a phone call from the Chubb monitoring station and phone application the moment your sensor is triggered. You can customize a smart home security system that is best fit your house. It is full perimeter protection with a door, window, glass break, motion, and outdoor sensors. To prevent a second break-in, choose truSafe the smart security systems for your smart home security.


truSafe Smart Security ensures to keep your premise safe wherever you are. We intend to revolutionize the security industry with Chubb 24/7 Professional Monitoring providing a complete and better solution for you.

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