How Many Security Cameras Do You Need?

how many security cameras do you need

Security cameras are one of the most important components of your home security system. Having them at home is like having a pair of watchful eyes even while you are away. This way you can keep an eye on your home regardless of where you are.

When getting security cameras there are things you should consider. For instance the features, model, and price of the camera. Another important thing you should keep in mind is the number of cameras you will need to keep your home safe. Having the best security camera wouldn’t make the difference if you didn’t have enough or place them strategically. Don’t let this alarm you, read on to find out just how many security cameras are enough.

It wasn’t until recent times that people deemed CCTV cameras as an essential part of home security. People assumed that only huge stores or factories needed them. This couldn’t be further from the truth. They aid homeowners in more ways than imaginable. From being able to monitor when your children get home from school or if your elderly parents are doing alright, they could also act as a monitoring tool. In case a break-in occurs while you are away, you can also use the footage from the security camera as evidence to help catch the perpetrator. That kind of evidence which would be invaluable would only be possible only if you have security cameras at home.

The demand for home CCTV cameras has steadily increased over the years as user awareness has grown. Now to answer our big question; how many security cameras do you need?


1. Potential break-in zones

Potential break-in zones are areas of your home that may be prone to intrusion due to obscure lighting, accessibility, and away from watchful eyes. If you have large see-through windows or easily accessible doors, you should consider placing security cameras there.


2. Main entrance

Though it seems unlikely, most break-ins occur through the front door of the home. Sometimes it’s even due to the front door being unlocked. The most obvious place is where we fail to consider. 


3. Indoors

Place your indoor security cameras in areas an intruder will have to pass such as hallways or stairwells. You will need to place at least one camera in each of these areas.


4. Back entrance

The second most common place for break-ins is the back entrance of homes as it tends to be away from main roads and is more secluded. Placing a security camera pointed towards your back entrance or the alley leading up to your back entrance.


Typically a home would require three to four security cameras to ensure total coverage. Though having them may increase the safety of your home it is important to note that it is simply one component of your home security system. It is not enough to have security cameras alone and you will need to complement it with other home security components such as motion detectors and alarm systems.

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