How to Keep Kids Safe When They’re Home Alone

How to Keep Kids Safe When They're Home Alone


How to Keep Kids Safe When They’re Home Alone

It’s a beautiful weekend, your kids are enjoying their break as they have just started their studies in primary school. Looking out the window, the weather today seems nice, so you’re thinking for a jog. You leave your children at home and hit the park; an hour later, you come home and find out that your house is a mess with broken glasses and turned furniture all over, you start to panic and frantically look for your children but too late, they are nowhere to be seen. You now start to regret and wonder if they’re safe alone at home.

Situations like these are the reality for some people. As much as we’d like to spend our time with our kids, sometimes we’d just like to take a break, have “alone time” and leave the children for a while, even just a few hours, or some other times, we have working commitments. Whatever the case is, these are the times when our children will be left alone at home. So, what can parents do as to keep them safe in order too carry on the day with peace of mind? We’d like to share a few parenting safety tips with you.

Hire a Caretaker for Your Kids

One of the solution is to hire a caretaker to ensure your kids safety. A trusted adult, like daycare or close friend, could keep an eye on your kids to make sure everything is fine while you’re away. Even so, proper communication and practice of emergency plan are important to handle various situations, like in the case of fire, injury, unwanted intrusion, etc. Make sure that the kids know what to do, where to go, and who to call during the emergencies.

Educate Them About First-Aid

Better be safe than sorry. There are some precautions need to be informed beforehand. Review the first-aid kit with your kids, familiarize them with the tool and help them to differentiate minor accidents and true emergency, which must be handled by adults. For instance, when an electricity breakdown, your kids should be able to find a flashlight and able to use them. Potential poisons, harmful and flammable substances should be kept away from them to prevent unwanted incident.

Kids Learn to Stay Safe at Home

As responsible parents, basic crime prevention techniques should be advocated for our children. They should be informed to lock the doors and never leave the house without prior notice or permission. They should avoid any unnecessary interaction with strangers and never post on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media signaling that they are home without their parents or any adults.

Follow Emergency Procedures

You kids should always stay at home and keep the doors locked until your return. But in some cases, your kids should leave the house immediately. During the event of fire on high rise residential units, the house is no longer safe, and your kids should know where to look for the keluar sign, go down the designated fire escape staircase to a safer place. They should know that lift is not available during a fire outbreak, as its electricity may be disturbed. Furthermore, please do not attempt to escape via window and balcony, unless it is instructed by the bomba officer and there is no other choice.

Check If Your Fire/Smoke Detector Functioning

Hence, for those who lived in an apartment or condominium, it is important to make sure that the fire or smoke detector is functioning. For home cooking mother, do not leave your traditional herbal soup boiling while you go down to the grocery store. Make sure there is no gas leakage in the kitchen. Adults have to make sure home equipment will not be the next cause of tragic.

Assign Emergency Contact List

Children should be informed regarding who to call when something is not right. The emergency phone list should include the phone number of the nearest police or bomba station, hospital, clinic, parents’ office, and even neighbors. Let your children know they are the people who can be trusted. This is another way to ensure your kids are safe to stay home alone.

Get A Home Security System

If you really need to leave your kids unaccompanied, it is advisable to install an smart security system for remote monitoring. Just make sure that they know the purpose of the system and how to arm it without our help. A workable system should allow the kids to control and request for help if there’s an emergency, and keep them safe at home.

In the end, as parents, we would want to give the best for our kids. Thus, raising safety awareness is part of the journey to nurture our kids’ independence and overall well-being. Find out more about how can you and your family stay safe at all times with the help of technology with us today!

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