How to Prevent Home Security Cameras From Being Hacked

prevent security camera being hacked

How To Prevent Home Security Cameras From Being Hacked?

Security cameras are one of the best protection and parts to complete a home security solution. A modern specs gave the function to check your home in real-time through your phone even if you’re away. However, some accused the security cameras could potentially pose a threat to user’s privacy and security.

News have reported security cameras being hacked by a third-party who would secretly peek into people’s homes from a remote location. In certain cases, anonymous hackers could study their daily routine and schedule while devising a plan to break in. The hackers could disable the cameras without you knowing it which expose you in danger. What’s worse is there could be a breach of privacy if camera footage leaked out regardless of what the illegal intention was or to whom.

People are lack of confidence to opt against installing electronic devices which supposed to protect them in their home due to these reasons.

Follow these tips to help you prevent your home security cameras from being hacked:


1. Purchase security cameras from a trusted seller

Be sure that you buy from a trusted seller or manufacturer when you are looking for home security cameras or any security tools for that matter.  Responsible providers would concern about public safety and will to make sure the devices they sell are safe to use and have adequate firmware to prevent mishaps such as cyber hacking. You could avoild from being scammed for low quality product when you are buying from a certified seller.


2. Update your security cameras firmware

You should update your security cameras’ firmware periodically to make sure your camera’s protection is up to date. Moreover, an updated firmware could help you safeguard against any newer forms of data breaching. If you’re not sure, ask your security camera provider for details and support. Your security provider would provide best recommendation for your best home security protection.


3. Turn off the remote monitoring features

Remote monitoring is one of the features that make home security cameras appealing. However, using a third-party app or website to supervise your home could exposed yourself to the risk of accessible to hackers. Even if it’s the dedicated application, be sure to log off and leave no trace each time after use.


4. Use strong passwords

This may seem simple and obvious but it is almost always overlooked. Avoid using the same password for multiple accounts. You should avoid passwords that are easily guessed and commonly used, for example abc12345 is definitely a bad choice for password. Just a search online will show you a list of common passwords.


And there you have it, you can keep yourself and your families safe from any prying eyes. 
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