MixPad Mini

One smart panel, control your home with ease

MixPad Mini Smart Panel

Touch screen control | Smart lighting | Air conditioning control | Curtain control | Security alarm | Scene control

Goodbye! Chaotic Walls

Mixpad mini can control the lights, air conditioners, curtains and other home appliances in the room, making the wall more concise and beautiful, replace the complexity of traditional switches.

MixPad Mini super smart gateway

One MixPad Mini is equal to many Smart Products

MixPad Mini is also a smart hub, integrating the functions of different devices: smart gateways, smart switches, air conditioning panels, background music panels, AI voice speakers, etc., which can replace multiple smart single products. The operation is convenient, the interaction is excellent, and the intelligentization and automation of the home are truly realized, bringing a new home life experience.

Life have another possibility...

Free Grouping, Set Scene Mode

Full House Lighting One-key Control

Full House Lighting One-key Control

One panel can control multiple lights, turn off all lights with one button, and no need to switch one by one.

Full House Curtains Open and Close Freely

Full House Curtains Open and Close Freely

In the morning, the curtains are automatically opened slowly at regular intervals.

Air Conditioning Control, Remote Control

Air Conditioning Control, Remote Control

It completely replaces all air conditioner panels and remote controls in the home, and supports all air conditioners to achieve precise control of on-off and temperature.

Experience the Convenience brought by AI Anytime, Anywhere

Before going out
One Key Operation

Easy-to-operate interface.

Before going out One key operation
Mobile APP remote control outdoor

Mobile APP Remote Control Outdoor

In summer, turn on the air conditioner remotely, Experience comfort immediately when you arrive home.

Discover Smart Appliances at Home Automatically

Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, Realize the intelligent scene linkage of the full house through touch screen interaction.

MixPad Mini super smart gateway

New Interactive Interface is Beautiful and Practical

The brand-new HOME AI 2.0 , comprehensively upgraded colors, graphics, interactions and dynamic effects ensure that it is not only beautiful, but also greatly reduces the difficulty of use. Children and elderly people can also easily use it, satisfying the use of the whole family.

Fully Upgraded Configuration, Fully Optimized Performance

Raise the standard of super smart panel again.

Stereo field

1W speaker customized exclusive stereo field experience.

Refined frame craft

V0 fireproof material PC plastic, durable Gives skin-like feel.

MixPad Mini super smart gateway

Ultra-sensitive light sensing

Ultra-sensitive light sensing Automatically adjust screen brightness accurately.

Custom 4 inch touch screen

480 * 480P HD LCD display G + F single-layer five-point touch AF hydrophobic antifouling anti-fingerprint coating.

MixPad Mini super smart gateway

Temperature and humidity sensor

The built-in imported high-precision sensor can detect the temperature of tolerance ±0.5℃ and the environmental humidity of ±1%, so as to intelligently adjust the environmental temperature and humidity.

Main chip

Quad-core 1.3GHz 64-bit low power consumption CPU Cortex-A35

DDR3 memory


MixPad Mini super smart gateway
MixPad Mini super smart gateway

Simple & Easy Installation

MixPad mini adopts the Chinese national standard single 86 mm size switch bottom box design and supports two-way lighting system, which can directly replace the traditional switches by electrician.

Available in Black and White, Classic Color

MixPad Mini super smart gateway

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