The Difference Between Wireless And Wired Security Camera

Difference between Wireless and Wired Security Cameras, Let us tell you now!

If you are a homeowner looking to install a security camera, there are two main types you should consider: wireless or wired security cameras. On one hand, you might think the difference between these two types is just the presence of the wire, but it’s not! Rather, being wired or wireless, is determined by how the security camera communicates with other systems and not how it gets powered.


Wireless Security Cameras 

Wireless security cameras, also known as WiFi cameras, rely on the network to transmit its footage and store them in an external cloud server. This allows you to access the footage from anywhere using an internet-connected device. Alternatively, some wireless security cameras also store footage in local storage such as micro SD cards.

Note that the majority of wireless cameras need to be plugged into a power outlet. But unlike wired cameras, WiFi cameras do not need a massive cord that runs around the house. Consequently, what makes wireless security cameras a booming trend now is their easier installation and remote accessibility.

However, there are downsides to wireless security cameras. Being accessible over cloud storage or when upgrading the storage plan might incur additional monthly charges. Furthermore, another issue would be it is susceptible to hacking, and this would pose a security threat. To this point, always use cameras from reputable manufacturers with high-level, end-to-end encryption and update the camera firmware frequently or whenever possible.


Wired Security Cameras

What wired security cameras lack in convenience, they make up for in reliability and stability. Since wired cameras are directly connected to the router via cables, there will be no connection interrupted issue.

Also, it is best to have wired security cameras installed due to their ability to completely cover the premises. Wireless cameras have limitations on connectivity range and the number of cameras they can support, whereas this doesn’t happen to wired cameras. Besides, wired cameras record footage 24/7, and you can view the footage locally or remotely.

wired vs wireless cameras

Both types of security cameras pose their own benefits and drawbacks. It is important for you to do your research on what type would better suit your home security. Else, you can consult a professional security service provider and would ease the process of finding the right option for your home and needs.

Now you know the differences between wireless and wired security cameras. Be wise in choosing the right security cameras. Contact us for more info.


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