What Do Burglars Look For

what do burglars look for
What do burglars look for?

It’s a common misconception that burglars look for complex ways to break into your home. The truth is, common burglars would target easy households because the harder it is, the longer it takes and a higher risk of getting caught. But, what are burglars targeting to break-in? Here are a few security tips to keep your home safe.

1. Weak entry points

When a burglar surveys a neighborhood, they tend to look for homes with weak entry points. Any signs of non-gated doors and low windows are the indicators of easy-entry conditions. Eventually, fortify your doors with high-grade locks could secure your entry. Also, look up for door locks with American Nation Standard Institute (ANSI) grading that ranges from 1 (highest grade) or to 3 (lowest grade). These locks are impact tested and will resist intrusion.

2. Signs of an old system

It seems like the alarm system is a deal-breaker for burglars. However, the sight of a traditional security camera or an old security system makes it a very high risk for a burglar to target your home. So, you should try to make it clear that your house is secured, or try using a home security signage displayed clearly on your outdoor, that would warn out anyone who would attempt to break-in.

3. An away home

Most of the break-ins occurred when people are away from home. Burglars would want to avoid unnecessary complications and again, to get in and grab as much as they can and get out. In other words, when your home is routinely vacant, especially during working hours or holidays, your home is at its most vulnerable.

The best way to keep your home secure is by owning a smart alarm system that could connect your smartphone and with app control. Then, always be notified when there is an unwanted activity within the premise and provide you the information to make quick decisions or react. Furthermore, you should also opt for a 24/7 professional monitoring service to assist you in securing your home and your family without haste.

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