Orvibo Home is Simply Smart

A smarter home with full house smart home system.

One Mixpad, Multiple Control

With Orvibo, everything in the home is controlled with ease on one intelligent platform. Your home becomes more convenient and comfortable.

One Light, Multiple Brightness & Color Temperature

Orvibo Smart lights Utilize SPWM diming technology, for a seamless brightness and color temperature adjustment experience.

Advanced, Safe and Elegance

Orvibo Full House Smart Lock is furnished with AI 3D face recognition and intercom technologies, beautifully designed with sleek materials and a comfortable structure.

Your home should work for you, not the other way around.

Smart Scenes

Based on different family roles, schedules and room, we recommend the most suitable smart scene for you.

Lighting Scene

Your body runs on a 24-hour cycle called a circadian rhythm. Lighting affects one major aspect of it: your sleep-wake cycle. Replicating natural light provided by the cycles of the sun with artificial light can improve your mood, concentration, creativity, and energy levels, as well as promote better sleep. This can be accomplished using tunable Orivbo SoPro Series Smart lights.

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Experience Orvibo Home.

Orvibo Home makes all the devices and systems work the way you want them to. One simple experience from multiple control devices – on the wall, on the counter, on the couch, on your phone.

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