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truSafe was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective — to introduce the best home security products and services in the local market.

Every idea starts with a problem and ours was simple; home security in Malaysia is primitive and below international standards. Way back when, I was away from my office and a fire broke loose a few shops over. The fire caused a blackout which then caused my fire alarm to shut down. What good is an alarm system if could not work during an emergency?

That got me looking into my security alternatives and I realise home security systems are expensive, technologically outdated and inconvenient. Home security and safety is a necessity that everyone should be able to afford.

As it turns out, the security industry was dominated by multiple businessmen with the sole goal to rake profits from consumers through their buy low sell high methods. This has left the local home safety market a victim to overpricing

That’s when we decided truSafe will make a difference.

Discover truSafe Security
Discover truSafe Security

truSafe selects internationally acclaimed and military grade security brands such as Interlogix, so you never have to worry if it works. We also make sure to carry current smart home security system models to ensure your security is always up to date. And to make sure you get the best bank for your buck, you can keep your home safe at an affordable price.

We believe everyone and anyone (like, yourself) deserves to feel safe though their smart home security. There are over 30 million people and 5 million houses in Malaysia and truSafe will strive to be the truDefenders of every home.

There’s nothing to it. Good security, good outcome.

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