Video Surveillance

truSafe help you use video and business security systems to enhance your business intelligence.

Digital Video Solutions enhance Security

truSafe Commercial digital video solutions offer standard and advanced high-definition IP video security cameras, NVRs or enterprise-level servers to record and manage video operations. With remote web management and viewing, you can access real-time and recorded video to help make decisions about security anytime, from virtually anywhere.

HD Clarity – Day or Night

HD Clarity – Day or Night

View high-quality video of your business day or night, including in low-light conditions.

Remote Viewing and Management

Remote Viewing and Management

View live and recorded video while managing your system from a single app.

Analytics and Smart Alerts

Analytics and Smart Alerts

Advanced analytics generate reports and smart alerts on heat mapping, queue monitoring, people counting, occupancy tracking and more.

Video Surveillance helps Businesses

Video surveillance helps control costs as well as adds another layer of protection to your organization. CCTV systems can also help create audit trails for compliance that provide visual documentation, particularly in highly regulated industries like pharmaceuticals, healthcare, education, energy and utilities, food and beverage, industrial, financial service, and logistics.

Improve Safety

Add an extra level of security to protect your employees and your customers from potential threats.

Reduce Shrinkage

Minimize product loss, both from customers and employees.

Deter Crime

A majority of burglars avoid businesses with video surveillance systems. For added protection, truSafe offers options to fully integrate video surveillance with our intrusion detection solutions.

Monitor Productivity

Make sure your employees are attending to customers, not spending too much time in the break room.

Reduce Liability

Video clips can help determine responsibility in the case of an accident and protect against fraudulent insurance claims.

Monitor Inventory

Ensure that shelves are stocked and you have what your customers are looking for.

Real-time Monitoring of your Operations

Real-time Monitoring of your Operations

A video surveillance system can give you a complete picture of your business, increase employee and customer safety and improve the security of your equipment and inventory.

Centralized Storage

Centralized Storage

Our centralized storage solutions allow you to record, store, and view video on-site or from your headquater.

High Efficiency and Performance

In direct streaming mode, truSafe Super Capacity storage solution reduces your expenditures on recording servers, while also improving theefficiency of search and write operations with a simplifiedprocess. This makes applications more flexible and morebudget-friendly. and customize the system.

Cost Effective Solution

Our solution takes up less space in the equipment room, uses less electricity, and lowers implementation time – saving you time and money. Compared to the current 8 TB HDD storage devices, the 18 TB SMR HDD saves users up to 35% of cost per TB, and up to 50% of space and energy consumption per TB.

Safe and Reliable

Our storage technology adds to data security. While traditional RAID stops working when three hard drives fails, IRAID continues to function – so video recording continues uninterrupted even when four hard drives fail. What’s more, data stored on functioning hard drives can still be played back.

Easy Operation and Maintenance

Our newly released maintenance software supports easy one-stop configuration, saving time and enhancing efficiency. The status of HDDs, CPUs, power units, and fans will be monitored in real-time and alarm messages will be shown when problems occur.

On-site Storage

On-site Storage

The data your system delivers can be crucial during an investigation. You may also need to access your data to understand an emerging trend. Our on-site storage solutions allow you to record, store, and view video on-site or from your mobile device or workstation.

Manage remotely

This storage system helps you to monitor your business from virtually anywhere. Use it to monitor and manage key operational processes – customer interactions, employee productivity, entries and exists to sensitive areas and many more.

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With feature-rich local storage devices and commercial-grade cameras, truSafe Commercial video surveillance systems are customized to meet your unique business needs. Contact us to find out more about how our systems work and which one might be right for you.