Everything You Need To Keep Your Home And Business SAFE

Protect home and business with professional grade security solution and CHUBB 24/7 monitoring.

Malaysia Wireless Alarm System

Everything You Need To Keep Your Home SAFE

Protect families with professional grade security solution and CHUBB 24/7 monitoring.

Smart Security Systems

truSafe is the market leader in wireless home security. Our experts can help you customize a home and business security system with easy-to-use equipment and special features to meet your safety needs.

EN Security Grade II

System can resist experienced attackers with special equipment.

Health Check

Control panel automatically tests all your sensors once an hour, 24x a day.

3-5 Years Battery Life

#1 proven battery life in the industry. Save cost of frequent replacing battery in the long term.


No wires to cut, No hacking, No costly installation.

No Power? No Problem

Industry leading 24-hour battery backup keeps you safe, even if the power goes out.

Mobile Control

Get notified when your system detects activity, See what’s happening from anywhere.

The Ideal Wireless Security System.

Control Panel

The center of your smart home security system gives you fingertip control to arm or disarm your system and control smart home devices.

Door/Window Sensor

If someone who isn’t supposed to tries to enter your home, your security system's door or window sensors will trigger the siren and alert you and CHUBB.

Motion Sensor

Motion Sensor cover wide areas of your home and can trigger lights and security cameras with certain truSafe packages. They’re even smart enough to let your furry children pass without going off.

Keyfob Remote

Easily disarm your home security system with the push of a button.

Outdoor Siren

A high-decibel siren to alerts your neighbor.

Security Decals

Send a clear message that truSafe and our alarm systems are there to help protect your home and keep you and your family safer.

Add To Your System As Your Needs Change

Need a Smoke Detector? Wifi IP Camera? Outdoor Sensor? Smart Door Lock? 

Your system can act as a hub for up to 16 Wifi IP Camera, 64 Sensors, 256 smart home devices, and can be controlled via Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

Customize Your Security System Today

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One App For Your Entire Home

Control all of your truSafe security and smart devices with one app, your voice or your watch.

See Your Home And Business Anywhere

Interact with your home and business while on the go:
CHUBB Monitoring

Without Professional Monitoring, Are You Really Secure?

Don’t depend on phone alerts you might miss. CHUBB highly trained professionals monitor your home 24/7/365, and sends emergency response when an alarm is triggered.

More Reason To Choose Us

Tamper Proof

Prevent burglars compromise your sensors and panel.

Up To 64 Sensors

Protection for all size of houses.

Panic, Fire & Medical Button

Built-in on Panel where you need in emergency without extra costs.

2 Years On-site Warranty

1-to-1 replacement for all sensors.

Geo Location

Leave your home’s and receive an arming reminder.

Get Started To Secure Your Home And Business

Request FREE quote and site survey from truSafe

Request FREE quote and site survey from truSafe

Customize your security solution, with or without monitoring plan

Customize your security solution, with or without monitoring plan

Get professional installation, system training and support

Get professional installation, system training and support

  1. Request FREE quote and site survey from truSafe
  2. Customize your security solution, with or without monitoring plan
  3. Get professional installation, system training and support

Ready to customize a security solution that works for you?

Give us a call at 1700-81-7233 or fill out the form to get recommendation from truSafe Specialist.​

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FAQs About truSafe Security Systems

The control panel can support up to 64 sensors, 16 cameras, 252 z-wave smart devices and 20 keyfob remotes.

Our systems use Wi-Fi to connect your security panel or base to our Alarm Response Center, as well as to the your security mobile app. It’s more informative, more responsive, more connected, and more secure.

Absolutely. It’s much easier for an intruder to cut a landline than disrupt the wireless signal to the Chubb Monitoring Center. If an intruder tries to disable your security panel or base, it will set off an alarm before the system is compromised. Wireless sensors are also secure. Since they aren’t constrained by phone lines or wall mounts, they can be placed out of view of intruders. If a sensor is tampered with, an alarm will be triggered as well.

Yes, all of our systems provide 3 ways to arm or disarm your system:

  • Panel’s Keypad
  • Ultrasync+ Mobile App (Included FREE)
  • Keyfob Remote
In general, only pets over 18kg. are capable of triggering motion sensors. To safeguard against pet-triggered alarms, truSafe professional installers will set motion detectors in the best recommendation areas.
  • Door window sensor takes a single 3V CR2032 coin battery, 
  • Motion, glassbreak, or shock sensor takes a single CR123A battery. 

Both types of batteries last 3 to 5 years.

Yes. Each sensor protects a door, window, or area, and will indicate the specific location of the breach when an alarm occurs.

truSafe security plans and prices vary by package type. You can get a free quote by filling out the form above or dial 1700-81-7233 and get a truSafe Specialist to customize a security plan best for your home or business.

Installation costs vary based on the total quantity of sensors, the estimated installation costs range between RM350 and RM600 for standard size houses.
Your system hardware is covered by a 2-year on-site warranty. If anything breaks during the first two years, it will be replaced.
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