Protect Your Business And Your Employees

Secure with truSafe X CHUBB 24/7 Monitoring

Business Security

Protect Your Business And Your Employees

with truSafe X CHUBB Business Security

Go Wireless for Business Protection

Wireless means burglars can’t disable the system. Our totally wireless business security systems will get you all the latest updates automatically for the best protection.

Make your business security wireless

Make Your Business Security Wireless

Wireless means burglars can’t disable the system. Our totally wireless business security systems will get you all the latest updates automatically for the best protection.

Secure your business from anywhere

Monitor From Anywhere

CHUBB makes it easier in protecting your workplace, employees, and your inventory. Even you’re away from your desk, we got your back. Chubb’s monitoring professionals will support you 24/7.

Why CHUBB Professionals?

CHUBB Professional business security monitoring is the best, most secure solution for keeping your workplace safe.


Your sensors detect an intruder and send an alert to your control panel.


The control panel contacts CHUBB monitoring center with an alert signal.


CHUBB experts receive the signal and call you before notifying local authorities.


You either cancel the alarm, or approve police dispatch to your workplace.

Duress PIN

If someone forces you to disarm your system, your Duress PIN will secretly alert the authorities.

Protects Against Fires And Water Damage

More than just intruders—our pros monitor against leaks, floods, fires and more.

Burglary Alarm Report

Supporting Documents for burglar or fire insurance claims.

CHUBB Business Monitoring Plan

CHUBB Business 89

RM 89*
Per Month

36-months contract

Free Business Security Kit (Worth RM1,485)

Free Mobile App

* All pricing excludes SST. Paid yearly. FREE truSafe starter kit is exclusive for new Chubb plan sign up. Professional Installation costs extra.

Experts Choose CHUBB 24/7 Monitoring

It’s the #1 Business Security pick in Malaysia.
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FAQs About Professional Monitoring

Professional monitoring is one of the most important functions of real home security. Your system transmits alarm signals to CHUBB Alarm Monitoring Center, a sophisticated 24/7 call center staffed by highly trained professionals who can rapidly notify police, fire or medical authorities during any emergency.

Once you activate monitoring with CHUBB Home Security, you will specify up to 5 emergency contacts. With professional monitoring, once an alarm goes off, the Alarm Monitoring Center will begin contacting the individuals on your list. You can update the list anytime.

More control for business owner. You can quickly set up or delete access for employees, get access-triggered alerts when certain doors are opened, and quickly find video clips of access events. You can also lock and unlock any door remotely, and even have your business armed itself automatically at closing time.

Keep your business and employees safe. truSafe X CHUBB security solution provide easier way to protect your workplace, your employees, and your inventory. CHUBB team of monitoring professionals back you up in emergency situations with panic or distress code.

With the truSafe system with CHUBB monitoring, a nighttime alarm doesn’t necessarily mean an immediate dash to workplace. Instead, you can open a live video feed to see what’s going on. If it’s a false alarm, you can let CHUBB monitoring station know. If the emergency is real, it can be verified faster, and police alerted sooner.

For every new CHUBB business subscribers, a Free security kit is included with 36 months contract.

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