10 Most Stolen Items From Home


The economic downfall brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic has lifted an unexpected problem — the reports of stolen items from home are on the rise.

It is good to heighten caution and ramp up your home security, considering the possibility of a burglary attempt and be realistically prepared for such an incident. Chances are burglars might be looking for valuable things. As logical as it is, some on this list aren’t what you expect but still cause the chance of a break-in.

Here are the 10 most stolen items from home: 



money commonly stolen

1. Cash

Cash is indisputably the number 1 item on the list. They are convenient, and most importantly – easy to exchange for goods, making them the first thing the burglars to grab. Avoid keeping large sums in your home; you could either live a “cashless” lifestyle or just keeping them the minimal amount in your wallet/purse.


2. Jewelry

Pieces of jewelry are the second most targeted item by burglars. They are among the easiest high-value items to re-sell or pawn, and usually stored in the same place in many homes: the master’s bedroom. Keep them in a safe box or safe-deposit at the bank is likely your safest, most practical storage option.


3. Portable Electronics

Laptops, handphones and tablets are commonly stolen gadgets as they are portable and lightweight. Some game consoles are also having a high chance of being swiped out due to their popularity. Aside from that, burglars also adore flat-screen TVs. Although TV can be a bit cumbersome for a thief, it still considered big-ticket items in a burglar’s list because it is still pretty easy to sell.


4. Keys

Don’t be surprised to find out that your house keys, car keys, or any other keys get stolen. There are cases that burglars will return to steal your car or let themselves back into your house while you’re away from home.


5. Personal documents

Identification cards, bank statements and passports are some of the things you probably did not expect on this list. In fact, identity theft is probably the worst form of theft. They would use your identity and be able to withdraw cash from your account, making loans or even doing purchases under your signature.


6. Designer Clothes

As odd as it seems, burglars do steal branded clothing, sneakers and bags as reselling these can go for a pretty high price and faster checkout. It’s another good way for burglars to make quick cash.


7. Art / Collectibles

Be it a decorative vase or a piece of wall art, professional burglars have a knack for sniffing out what is expensive. Though these items are generally large, they usually have a high resell value and definitely appealing to burglars. Not to mention those were crafted by some well-renowned artists or have the rarity that proved its cost.


8. Alcohol

No burglar breaks into a home with the goal of stealing bottles of booze, they’ll most likely to pick up a bottle or two liquor when they come across it. Hide your world-class liquors you’ve been collecting in a cabinet and can’t be stolen in one go.


9. Bicycle

Though this is not as popular as the other options, it’s still a pretty common occurrence. Bicycles usually unlocked and were kept outdoors. They see your bike and … you give them any chance and they will take it and ride away.


10. Firearm

While most homes may not contain firearms, but owning a gun isn’t entirely impossible per se, as long as the person has a license for it. Guns are the jackpot for burglars because they’re highly sought or easily put to other criminal use.


Now that you know the burglars’ pick list, make sure that you keep these items out of sight. At least get a small safety box, not too expensive but keeping your items in them are only intermediately safe. To secure professionally, install a security system from a trusted provider and that’ll prevent you from being burglarized.


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