5 Cost-Conscious Ways to Secure Your Home

5 cost conscious ways to secure your home


5 Cost-Conscious Ways to Secure Your Home

A couple of your neighbours have been hit by burglary. Do you wonder why they are chosen and will the bad guys returning?

All you need is having a good practice of burglary deterrence, your house will be safe and sound. It will NOT costs you to spend big bucks to protect your home. Keep reading for our inside scoop on cost-conscious home security tips for you!

1. Lights ON the house

Leaving the house completely dark can attract unwanted attention. But, leaving the lights on 24/7 actually also attracts attention from burglars.

One thing homeowners could do with is to consider getting motion-detecting or programmable lights or smart switch. You can time it to stay on at certain timing so they mimic human activity. This would drive the intruders into believing that there is someone in your house and thus hindering them from breaking in.


2. Keep your radio or TV ON

Instead of under cover of darkness, break-ins are most likely to occur during the middle of the day, when your home is left unoccupied. People have daily routines, either off to work or go to school.

Similarly to keeping the lights on, if we heard sounds on in a house, we assume someone is home – and so do burglars. You could leave your living’s radio/TV playing so that it sounds like there are homeowners enjoying their time. With this simple action, you would be able to keep potential intruders away from your home.


3. Get to know your neighbours

Being on good terms with your neighbours can come in seriously handy.

If your next-door neighbours are going out of town, offer to watch over their house by keeping an eye over their house. This would lead them to return the favour. Though you may not be home to keep watch, your neighbours might be! Your neighbours, especially those retired folks who tend to stay at home for most of the day will be able to alert you of any suspicious activity around your house.


4. Secure your entry points

Surprising as it may be, break-ins can happen through unlocked doors, giving intruders easy access into homes.

Getting yourselves into the habit of always lock the door and window. Old habits do not stop easily and it’s such a small effort for potentially large trade-offs. For further protection, you could also install grills to your doors and windows to make it harder for intruders to break-in through those entry points.


5. Invest in a smart home security system

When one thinks of a smart home security system, we tend to think of fancy high tech gadgets. This almost always equates to a hefty price thus putting off the homeowners from investing in a home security system.

However, smart home security technology isn’t a new thing. As technology advanced, the components that comprise systems have become much more common and inexpensive. This has made smart security able to fit nearly every budget.

In other less-cost alternatives, do some research into what device would be necessary for your home and then look for options that are available within your price range. Be it a motion sensor or an outdoor camera, be sure to get one that is practical.


All in all, there are plenty of ways you can keep your home safe and secure without breaking the bank. With a little bit of research and the aid of a trusty home security solutions provider, you will be able to keep your home safe from break-ins.

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