7 Ways to Keep Your Condo Safe and Secure

keep condo safe and secure

Why live in your beautiful condominium feeling insecure? Whenever you have to leave your home, you left your mind at home too. When you are in, you don’t feel safe either. The safety of your homes and your loved ones takes precedence over your daily activities. Hence, you may have used the old-fashioned manual way for protection. Why not consider the effective prevention and protection with CCTV cameras installed. A security that you can rely on at any time and anywhere you go. Here are 7 ways you can keep your condo safe and secure.


How trustworthy is the old-fashioned latch? Today in the modernized era, doorknobs look so fashionable and stylish. These door knobs are only locked with a push of a button. Nice to look at, nice to touch but not nice for safety. To feel safe at any level of the condominium, fix an old-fashioned latch, DIY. Chances are it is more difficult to break the latch compared to a push-button lock.


Leaving lights on at night indicates that someone is home. A quiet house not lit up in the night sends signals to intruders. A smart way of deceiving intruders is to set a timer for some music or TV during the day and for the lights during the nights. You can include a series of recording conversations. Sometimes I got myself cheated too when I reached my doorstep. Leave lights on at the porch to deter intrusions.


Always make an effort to know who your neighbours are. Make friends with them the moment you moved into your new condo. When we have created a rapport, we feel obliged to help each other when the need arises. Your neighbours can keep a lookout while you are away. They can also alert you in times of emergency. Knowing your neighbours is a win-win situation.


Social media has become the in-thing for most people. Many times it is used to share live events. Share by all means, however, do not share events or pictures especially when you are away. You are feeding the intruders with the best information they ever need. Also, you may want to fill in a fake address of your residence on social media. Or you can just include a short address or choose the setting as “do not show address”.


Moving around alone too much is not clever. Ladies living in a condominium tend to enjoy the security facility. Then again, how much can the security personnel do? Or do you even trust the security guards? So, do not stay alone all the while. Offer your friends to meet up at your place for lunch or dinner now and then. Offer your residence as a venue for some family functions. You can also rent out your extra available rooms. Give the impression to intruders that numerous people are living in your unit. And that you will have lots of “bodyguards” anytime. Chances are they will choose to stay away from your unit.


Have preventing your homes from fire or with smoke detectors ever crossed your minds? Fire occurs in many instances and mostly when you least expected it. Leaving your microwave cooking while you are out. Using faulty electrical devices. According to ready.gov, fire is fast, hot, and deadly! When there’s a fire you have only less than three minutes to run for your life. 

Why not install smoke detectors? Install truSafe’s smoke detector in bedrooms and hallways throughout the home. truSafe’s smoke detectors are connected to the hub. When the smoke detector is triggered, Chubb CMS personnel will be notified and fetch fast dispatch for emergencies*. Alternatively, you can get a standalone Kidde’s Worry-free Smoke Alarm for Kitchen, Bedroom, or Living Area!

install home security system


During this pandemic of Covid-19, break-ins are on the rise. People lose their monthly income. The public lives in fear of being robbed in their homes. Likewise, in a condo, the residents live in fear of their units being broken into. The need for money and living hood knows no bounds. Whether you live on the ground floor or the highest floor, the risks of having intruders or even robbers remain the same. Try installing a home security system.

BUT why truSafe home security? truSafe’s home security solution is high-tech yet user-friendly to self-monitor and manage. You can monitor your home anytime, anywhere just from your handphone. truSafe is wireless where no wall hacking is required, how neat that can be. With security as its main feature, its protection goes beyond intruders. It detects smoke and water leakage. Choose the preventive features to suit your needs. truSafe partners with Chubb CMS – highly trained Chubb personnel to help look out for your home and respond to emergencies 24/7*. 

Install a Home Security System from truSafe today.
*only apply to users subscribed to TruSafe x Chubb monitoring plan


truSafe Smart Security will ensure to keep your home safe wherever you are. We revolutionize the security industry with Chubb Professional Monitoring and providing a complete solution with Chubb plan.

If you have any questions or would like to customize your security system, contact us and get a free quote.

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