Are Malaysian Gated Communities Safer?

are malaysian gated communities safer

A gated community is a type of property development typically surrounded by walls or fences and with controlled access. They often come with boom barriers, guardhouses, security guards with patrol services, and closed-circuit televisions or known as CCTV cameras. Usually, only approved guests or authorized members could enter the guarded compound. However, are Malaysian gated communities the answer to safe and secure housing?

Gates alone doesn’t guarantee that crime will stop from occurring.

Gates and security guards are necessary measures in reducing crimes, but they’re not the complete answer to prevent break-ins. Despite the capability of reducing unauthorized entries, fortifying the residential area doesn’t guarantee that crimes will stop happening.

Gated communities may create a false sense of security as people would think that walls and security guards are enough to guard. They may be over-optimistic and consider leaving their children at home alone. Even living in an upscale residence where the developer claimed it’s highly secured, you should never leave your children unattended as you’ll never know when things could go wrong.

Next, residents might also not aware that criminals could live in the same neighborhood. Even a potential criminal could rent a house inside a gated housing area and commit crimes. In February 2020, The Star reported that police found drugs worth approximately RM145 million in two gated communities. The locations are within Desa Park City and another serviced apartment block at Jalan Ipoh.

Hence, this is a wake-up call that crimes are very well happening in upscale gated communities, especially if the crime ring is a well-managed organization with tactical operations.

People could still get into your community through loopholes.

For instance, the gates might fail, or the access cards fall into the wrong hands. Another way is by faking the identity of those who stayed in and past the guards. Possibly they’ll observe the traffic daily and tracking the coming and going of resident’s cars and replicate the same car plates on a similar model.

Or, they might steal a car with a residence sticker to get past the boom gate. There are countless ways to overcome these measures that are meaning to keep the non-residents out.

Fences, gates, security guards, and other such means are great, but they’re not foolproof security measures for keeping a community safe.

It seems like fortifying the residential compound can only serve as a deterrent to potential criminals. Yet, it’s still a worthy investment to live in gated communities while equipping with some reliable security features.

Generally speaking, a gated community does offer a higher living quality and a safer environment for family activities. However, gated communities aren’t an impassable haven for children and young adults. It’s highly advisable to install a smart home security system to keep your home safe.

Smart home security systems are still the best measure to keep your home safe, even in a gated community.

truSafe’s Smart Home Security System provides complete home protection for Malaysian homes with an exciting new feature connectivity to your gated community’s guardhouse. 

truSafe’s home security solution with security guard integration is the only alarm system that notifies security guards and requests patrol to your home instantly even if you’re away. So, when you’re not at home, you could rest easy that a relevant authority would investigate the alarm for you.

Other than that, truSafe’s Smart Home Security System also provides:

  • Professional Alarm Monitoring by Chubb
  • Live Video & Motion Recording
  • Wireless Sensors
  • Mobile App Control – Arm, disarm & monitor your home from anywhere
  • Home Automation – Smart light & door lock integration


All in all, safety is always a priority when it comes to buying a house. That’s why, getting a home security solution like truSafe x Chubb Home Security Plan is the easiest way to be in control, especially living in Malaysia. Learn more about truSafe’s new super solution that seamlessly integrates with your gated community’s security measures!


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