The Need and Importance of Commercial Security Systems

The need and importance of commercial security systems

According to a report, it is expected that by the end of 2030, the commercial security system market will reach a figure of approximately USD 441.24 billion, with the CAGR percentage from 2023 to 2030 predicted to be approximately 8.64%. One of the reasons for this unprecedented growth is that more and more business owners are realising the importance of installing commercial security systems to safeguard their businesses from threats. 

As a business owner, you must protect your business with the smartest and best commercial security systems. Why? Let us find out!

Why do businesses need commercial security systems?

Without a commercial security system in place, your business will be under continuous risk and threat from the following:

  • Vandalism – Vandalism leads to a significant amount of damage to a business from financial as well as architectural and structural aspects. Security systems consisting of alarms, surveillance cameras and 24/7 monitoring systems help in keeping vandals at bay. Even in an unfortunate event of vandalism, it becomes easy to identify the miscreants. 
  • Burglary – As per data from the US Department of Justice and FBI, when compared to home burglaries (66%), the rate of commercial burglaries like in stores, shops, and other commercial establishments, is low (34%). However, if you take into consideration the value of stolen items, it is usually much higher for businesses. Business establishments with strong security systems are safe from break-ins and burglaries. Moreover, there are higher scopes of retrieving stolen items. 
  • Employee theft – While some employees prove to be valuable assets for their companies, some of them turn out to be threats. Surprisingly, employee theft is a rising concern in many commercial establishments. Along with revenue losses, employee theft also leads to business bankruptcies. By the time the theft gets detected, it is already too late. Placing CCTV cameras at strategic locations in the commercial space can keep a check on employee theft and deter them from stealing. 
  • Unauthorised access – Sometimes there are restricted areas in business establishments where employees or outside people are not allowed for security reasons. There might be a storage space housing dangerous equipment or a room containing files with sensitive and confidential business data, and so on. For the protection of these areas, implementing security systems like alarms, CCTV cameras, smart locks, etc. prove to be very useful. You have complete knowledge of who accesses the place and in case of unauthorised access, you can identify the person and take action. 
  • Shoplifting – Shoplifting contributes to a fair amount of inventory loss for business establishments. Calculating the loss amount results in a significant figure. One of the best ways of combating the problem of shoplifting is installing HD surveillance cameras in the establishment at various places so that there is complete coverage of the whole area. With such a security system in place, it is possible to identify shoplifters and deter them from stealing.

Added benefits of commercial security systems

Now that you have a fair idea about some of the threats which are common for commercial establishments, you surely understand why more and more business owners are securing their businesses with reliable and effective commercial security systems. 

Let us take a look at some added benefits of installing and implementing a commercial security system:

  • Saving on insurance – Insurance expenses are massive for large businesses like manufacturing, industrial, and agricultural facilities. The bigger the business, the higher the cost of insurance. With a solid commercial security system in place, you can save on your insurance premiums since insurance companies place a lot of emphasis on sturdy security systems.

    In case of an unfortunate event of an accident, etc, you will have recorded videos. You will be able to place evidence for all your insurance claims. You can also save on insurance expenses covering inventory and equipment by protecting your business with a security system.


  • Easily monitor employees and customers 24/7 – Businesses are installing intrusion systems, CCTV cameras, access control, etc. for monitoring employees and customers. The best thing is that these devices can be paired with your laptop, computer, tab, and smartphone and you can access them remotely. You have complete control of your business premises without being present there. 

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