What Is Business Security

What is business security?

It takes years to establish a company successfully. If you want to have peace of mind regarding the security and safety of your business, investing in a professional security system is the best thing to do. 

With a business security system in place, you can ensure the safety of your employees and customers simultaneously, while also protecting your inventory and preventing loss due to internal theft. 

A report says that business organisations without a security system are vulnerable to burglary by almost four times. In fact, as per another report, 89% of small businesses experienced shoplifting in 2021.

It is not possible to eliminate burglary or theft risks completely. However, with a business security system in place, companies can protect their properties and assets and minimise damage. A good quality security system can safeguard your business in the following ways:

  • Keep a check on each entry and exit point – Burglars are on the lookout for suitable opportunities. They target keys left in vehicles, unlocked doors, windows, and so on. If they are not successful in finding suitable scopes, they will move to some other opportunity.

    Installing access control in the form of automatic door locks and motion sensors can be a great way to monitor as well as bar unauthorised entries and exits. 
  • Alert you instantly – An alarm system is a great saviour for protecting your business from burglary, theft, property damage, and similar unfortunate events. By installing an alarm system, you can keep a close eye on internal as well as external threats. Burglars deter from breaking into a business organisation with an alarm system.

    The best thing about alarm systems is that you can customise the setup according to your needs. You can have tracking and control the system on your tablet, PC, or smartphone remotely if you need 24/7 monitoring. Or you can also use a central monitoring station. The alarms will instantly alert you as well as the authorities of an intrusion or a break-in so that you can take action immediately to protect your business.
  • Prevent employee theft – Believe it or not, the risk of theft or burglary is not just an external threat. Internal employee theft causes businesses to incur losses as well. As per a report, “22% of small businesses have had their employees steal from them.”

    A business security system will not only discourage employees from stealing, but will also alert you in case of an internal theft so that you can also catch the culprit red handed and with solid proof.
  • Always watch out – Closed-circuit television cameras (CCTVs) have become extremely popular for business as well as residential security setups. By installing CCTVs, businesses will not only get video surveillance but recordings and images of things going on when you are not present. The trick is placing the cameras in strategic locations so that there is clear visibility of all the nooks and corners.
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truSafe – a leader in providing professional business security solutions

Your search for professional business security solutions ends at truSafe. Designed and created for business protection, the security systems from truSafe are of the highest quality. It is possible to customise the security systems to meet specific business requirements. 

The business security solutions offered by truSafe are as follows:

  • Alarm systems – The alarm systems are great for monitoring entry points in a business establishment. You can integrate these systems with your mobile phone to receive alarms and notifications whether you are away or at work. Along with interiors, these alarm systems can also be installed in exteriors where perimeter security is needed. 
  • CCTV – Monitor everything at all times with internal and external CCTV cameras. With truSafe CCTV surveillance you can get high quality HD video monitoring even in low lights, remote viewing and management, as well as analytics and alerts.  
  • Access control – With this security system, you can grant access to customers, employees, and vendors as per their entry requirements. For instance, customers don’t need an entry into the employees’ workplace so they will have restricted entry. The same applies to vendors too. With the access control system, safeguard the entry points throughout the business organisation. 
  • CHUBB CMS alarm monitoring – In rare cases, if an alarm triggers and you are not available on your mobile, CHUBB CMS will dispatch police, fire or medical responders immediately to your place. This 24/7 security monitoring takes place through state-of-the-art monitoring centres. 
  • truVision Navigator – An integrated security solution by truSafe, truVision Navigator offers 3-in-1 video surveillance, networking, and alarm system together as a combined security system for businesses. Its scalability and licence free, making truVision Navigator an extremely affordable and superior security solution for all kinds of businesses – big and multisites.

Apart from the above-mentioned systems, truSafe also offers video intercom systems, electric fencing, and more. Hence, if you are looking for affordable yet high-quality business security systems, trust truSafe. 

There are also 3 and 5 years Flexible Ownership Plans for businesses where you can enjoy lower monthly fees and shorter repayment periods, along with routine maintenance, servicing, and warranty. 

What are you waiting for? Find out more about truSafe business security solutions and offers by visiting the website. Be safe with truSafe!


truSafe Smart Security ensures to keep your premise safe wherever you are. We intend to revolutionize the security industry with Chubb 24/7 Professional Monitoring providing a complete and better solution for you.

To customize your solution, get a free quote from us.


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