truSafe Introduces New Integrated Security Solution by TruVision Navigator

truSafe Introduces New Integrated Security Solution by TruVision Navigator

KUALA LUMPUR, 11 AUG 2022 – truSafe Security today announced a new integrated security solution  TruVision Navigator. TruVision Navigator brings truSafe security commercial offerings — video surveillance, intrusion alarm and networking — together as one integrated solution.

TruVision Navigator is best suited for small or medium scaled as well as multi-site commercial applications like retail stores, supermarkets, hospitals, banks, schools, warehouses and industrial sites. It provides powerful centralised and remote management capabilities, where users can actively manage a large number of cameras with a few operators which further reduces operational costs. With no license fee, TruVision Navigator is a reasonable, yet robust commercial security solution.

TruVision Navigator can be deployed as a standalone system or as a client/host application, with clients that connect to the host database. The scalability ensures that users can easily expand and consolidate video surveillance systems without drastic changes to their existing security setup.

Key Integration security solution features include:

  • Alarm & CCTV Integration: truSafe’s xGen intrusion alarm system with TruVision cctv and link cameras to doors and sensors to receive pop-up event notifications with live video verification when triggered by an alarm event.
  • Graphical Maps: Place cameras and intrusion sensors on maps and link to cameras for a fully integrated and centrally managed security solution, allowing operators to manage camera and security output.
  • Operator-user Friendly Interface: Provides powerful centralized security for HQ’s security monitoring room. The operator (security team/security guard) can manage every aspect of truSafe security system with friendly user interface.
  • Up to 10 video tabs to create a customized video wall.
  • Directly view live/playback video from TruVision.

In addition to the integrated security features, TruVision Navigator is loaded with benefits to assist the management team in maintaining site safety and reducing costs, including:

  • Audit trials and report exporting.
  • Built-in device diagnostics and reporting
  • Secure Administration: extensive user management for efficient and secure control of the security devices and sites.
  • License-free Platform: A high-quality product and affordable commercial security solution. Available with no annual fee.

“Our new all-in-one solution will be a game changer for medium to big size business & commercial site as well as multi-location branches business. Now they can have more security control and it will help their security team to manage sites more closely, reduce manpower costs by 30% per annum and increase efficiency”


truSafe Business Security specialists design and deploy professional-grade intrusion detection systems with 24/7 CHUBB Monitoring Services to detect and deter activities that can harm your business and employees. And with our new flexible payment option, you can protect now and pay over time. 

To customize your solution, get a free quote from us.

For more details on the new promotion by truSafe, visit or contact 1700-81-7233.

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