Wireless Alarm Systems Myths Debunked

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Wireless Alarm Systems Myths

As homeowners, if you’ve thought about investing a home security system, you will most likely come to deal with to install a wired or wireless alarm systems?

Many owners are getting smarter and more aware about what they are buying. Sure, a lot of research and survey did before a purchase decision is made. The thing is you may heard rumours about them that are holding you back. 

Check out these four myths about wireless alarm systems, you might have a better understanding then.


Myth 1: Wi-Fi Down, Wireless Alarm Systems Also Down

Your alarm hub (also known as panel) communicates with the sensors and devices via radio frequency signal. It does not rely on internet connection. The alarm will remain in operation even you lose the internet connection.

However, without an internet connection to your hub, you would need to arm or disarm your alarm system via keyfob or hub. You will not be able to operate the alarm system via mobile application until the internet connection is restored.


Myth 2: Wireless Alarm Systems Easier To Breach

All wireless devices that connected to Wi-Fi network are vulnerable to hacking. Thus is essential to have encryption of wireless transition data. There are also technologies that protect the communications between alarm panel and sensors. For example, immediate notification to system if detected intentional communication interference.

Wireless security systems are not created equal. Be sure to get a smart wireless alarm systems from reliable providers. Another thing, don’t forget to upgrade the firmware regularly. There will be no such problem for smart wireless systems that meet global standards.


Myth 3: I Can Just Get A DIY Wireless Alarm Systems

If you want a simple security system with a few door and window sensors, and maybe one indoor camera, then DIY alarm systems may be your best choice. Whilst, for full security coverage and solutions, especially sought by serious homeowners, get them professionally installed.

A knowledgeable installer knowing where to place a sensor to get the optimized results. They troubleshoot problems and make sure the equipment works perfectly. Also, they walk you through the ins and outs of your system. The best part is – professionally installed, hassle-free.


Myth 4: Wireless Cameras Do Not Require Power Source

Wireless security cameras have the same features of what wired security cameras do. The distinct? Without tied down with wires. Security cameras are meant to keep track of what is happening at the premises where they are installed. This means having long-range day & night vision and to capture footage 24/7. They can also be set to record only when detected a motion. All of these aspects require constant power. That’s the reason why the wireless cameras must be plugged in.

To clear up the confusion, the term “wire-free” is more appropriate to apply on battery-powered cameras. Although wire-free cameras may be easiest to install, but they are not as dependable. For instance, you may need to replace the batteries quarterly to enable the camera to function all time.

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