Do I Need A Security Decal?

❝  Understanding why security companies provide security decal.   

  Security providers realise that security decal is effective when it comes to preventing burglaries. Accordingly, when potential intruders spot a security decal, they recognise that you’re subscribing to a professional security service. In turn, they are less likely to target you. 

Most well-known and reputable security companies protect their brands with trademark or copyright. No one else is allowed to use their company name, logos, colours, etc. Fortunately, professional security companies offer their clients free security decal after installation of security systems. So, take the security decals up upon the free offer!  

generic sign security decal

What Is A Security Decal?

Security Decal is a bold, simple sign that relays a message to potential criminals that this premise is under protection. Some are designed to advertise the security provider company, and even feature the security provider information. For example, you may see the “Protected by XXX” security decal while passing by houses or businesses.

They are available in a few variations. A common material is adhesive stickers, which can be easily fixed to the windows or solid surface. Furthermore, security decals can also be made of aluminum or metal signs.

For decals display, they come in standard shapes and sizes, although custom die-cut shapes and sizes are also available. Make sure you have security decals where they are clearly visible to everyone, such as 5” or as big as 12”.


Where To Place Security Decal?

The list below shows you some strategic spots for your security decals:

  • Front door
  • Front gate
  • Near the doorbell
  • Letterbox
  • Back door

Install the decal in locations on your property that are within easy view from the street, letting potential intruders know. Meanwhile, it can act as a deterrent to burglars.


Are Fake Security Signs Work?

Not always and risky. Fake decals might trick some thieves, but not all of them.

Generic security signs can be found available via internet retailers or brick-and-mortar. Sometimes, homeowners place a generic security sign at the gate entrance. However, they are not supported by alarm systems or cameras.

For experienced intruders, they will know you have no protection at all when they spot the deception. In other words, a fake sign is an open invitation to break into your property. 


Alternatives For Home Protection

As the old phrase says, we’d rather be better safe than sorry. All you need is having a good practice of burglary deterrence:

  • Consider your landscaping
  • Get a dog
  • Get to know your neighbours

Read more here.

But for full protection, you’ll need to install a home security system.


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