5 Simple Ways to Prevent Break-Ins

It’s common knowledge to keep your door locked to avoid uninvited guests but is a simple lock enough to keep you safe? Here’s 5 simple ways to prevent break-ins.


1. Make sure your doors are secured

Your door is the easiest point of entry, therefore it’s the first option burglars consider during a break-in. Fortifying your doors with ANSI grade II rating locks will ensure your locks will not break with ease. Locks designed with ANSI grade II are residential locks with durability that can withstand 5-door-strike hammer test, 250 pound weight test and 400,000 cycles. Smart door locks are best for people that look for additional functionality as well as entry management.


2. Make sure your window is forced entry proof

Windows are usually fragile and a secondary option for intrusion. To avoid unwanted entry, ensure that window grills are installed. Note that these grills meet safety guidelines and not trap you in during a fire.

If grills don’t keep burglars out, install window sensors. These sensors can set off an alarm to alert your neighbors or security and scare off burglars during a break-in.


3. Make sure your house is well-lit

A burglar tries their best to stay hidden in the dark. A well-lit house would deter burglars from selecting your house as a target. For extra measures, also install outdoor motion sensors that set off an alarm when sensing movement in your gated yard. 


4. Keep your outdoors maintained

This might sound like an odd home security tip, but burglars target easy houses and abandoned houses are the easiest house to loot. If your home looks well maintained, it’s assumed that active residents have taken extra steps to keep the home safe and secure.


5. Invest in a security system

While strong locks and sensors are great, a wireless alarm system with surveillance and monitoring service is the best way to manage your home security. Having a modern professional security system allow you and your family to remotely armed, disarmed, bypass and manage your individual sensors while allow you to receive notification and view live recording and control your smart home.


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