truSafe X Chubb – Keeping You and Your Family Safe

trusafe x chubb - keeping you and your family safe

*A message to our Customers regarding coronavirus (COVID-19) – truSafe X Chubb


Protecting Our Customers And Our Communities

Due to our commitment to keeping you and your family safe, it is unavoidable to require face-to-face interaction despite this pandemic. Since truSafe X Chubb is part of the essential services and granted permission to work under the control order, we will continue to provide security solutions for essential businesses, facilities and communities such as hospitals, distribution centers, grocery stores, and restaurants.


However, to commit precaution and give peace of mind to our customers, we equip these measures seriously:

  1. Our personnel will screen for all residential customers and following safety procedures while making appointments. 

  2. We provide our facilities with additional cleaning, sanitation, and protective tools to secure our workforce and walk-in visitors.

  3. Clients are allowed to reschedule appointments if they’re not convinced to meet our personnel during this control order.

  4. Our employees who worked from the center, office or servicing customer on-site are endured to protect families and businesses nationwide. As such, we ensure everyone is having a sense of security while we’re doing things beyond saving lives.

Chubb CMS Will Continue To Provide Monitoring Protection When It Matters Most

Recently, COVID-19 has drastically affected the way many businesses operate. Therefore, truSafe X Chubb has taken swift and proactive steps to provide 24/7 professional security, fire and life safety monitoring services.

Meanwhile, Chubb’s monitoring station is equipped with backup for critical functions; especially customer care and uninterrupted alarm and security monitoring. Hence, these features in our network gave us the strength to work in a time like this.


Still, there are much to do to safeguard our customers against any possible interruption:

  1. We have successfully tested our ability to equip Chubb professionals with company-secured hardware. Also, we’re capable to respond to alarms while working remotely and prepared for any severe situation.

  2. We have successfully trained our professionals to work remotely and deployed working kits while practicing social distancing.


Last but not least, we’ll make sure that you’ll be safe so our team will continue the effort to secure homes, businesses and communities.


Thank you for being part of the truSafe X Chubb family.

Stay home, stay safe.

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