Should Clinics Install Smart Business Security?

Malaysia is not alien to small thefts, burglaries, and vandalism. If you search on the internet you will come across numerous videos that show such chilling crimes taking place in broad daylight. But thankfully, the same cameras that capture the videos help in catching the perpetrators as well.

This just goes to prove the utility and the efficacy of having a security system in place. Moreover, such systems are not just necessary for homes but all kinds of businesses as well. If you think your clinic does not fall under this category, think again. The business security system in clinics serves the dual purpose of working as an alarm system as well as for surveillance.

Wondering why would you need either? Here are 5 reasons for clinics to install smart business security:

1. Prevent theft

Recently there was an incident where a cleaner was found stealing 30 boxes of surgical masks from a hospital. He was nabbed, thanks to the CCTV footage that recorded everything. Conversely, thefts can be external, like a break-in, or they can be internal too, like the cleaner stealing the masks. However, you can prevent both with a sturdy business security system that includes alarm systems and video surveillance. Thus, it will not only help protect the valuable equipment, medicines, and patient data in your clinic, but your employees will think twice too, before trying to do anything unethical behind your back.


2. Increase the safety of employees and patients 

Protect your employees and patients from unwanted conflicts, thefts, and vandalism. Besides that, your employees and patients will feel safer too if they find that your clinic has a business security system in place. It will help you keep track of every individual coming into the clinic and also let you monitor for accidents or emergencies. In short, it will improve the confidence of your visitors and trouble makers will stay away too if they know there is an alarm system in place.


3. Meet regulatory guidelines 

Clinics need to be extra careful about the government regulatory guidelines regarding health. But how do you prove to your patients and the government officials that you are prudent when it comes to meeting compliance requirement? By having a video security system in place that will record everything. Under those circumstances, you can present the recordings as evidence to government officials if and when they come visiting.


4. Control access to restricted areas

Control who can or cannot access the critical areas of your clinic, such as the place that holds patient records, the area that houses controlled drugs, and so on. Indeed, you can do this by installing an alarm system along with a video surveillance system in the areas mentioned above. Henceforth, you will know at once if someone comes barging into these areas and you will also know who the culprit is.


5. Improve productivity and resolve conflicts 

Are your employees working as much as they should? And, how do you deal with complaints from patients regarding rude behaviour from your employees? The simple answer is by keeping a tab on the proceedings of your clinic through security surveillance. Video recordings don’t lie and hence you can use your CCTV footage to resolve any conflict that might arise and also to penalize employees who do not follow your clinic guidelines. Not to mention, the list given here is in no way exhaustive since there are so many other minor and major reasons why you should have a security system in place at your clinic. Ultimately, the biggest reason of all is it is your business and the liability to protect it is yours.

And, don’t make the mistake of installing dummy cameras because seasoned criminals will know the difference and a fake camera will not serve most of the reasons listed above in this article.


Now you know why clinics should install smart business security. To protect yourself, your patients, and your business protected from unwanted issues, contact us TODAY to know our latest deals for business.


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