Best Ways To Keep Your Important Documents Safe At Home

keep your important documents safe

It is vital to keep your important documents safe and systematically to help you easily retrieve them. These important documents can include your annual tax returns, birth certificate, marriage certificates, passport, real estate deeds, wills and living trust, and medical documents.

One option is to keep them in a safe deposit box in a bank. However, this might pose a problem if you need those documents quickly. To access these documents, you are subjected to the opening and closing hours of the bank.

With these factors in mind, you might prefer to keep these important documents at home. In keeping important documents safe at home, what can you do? Here are some options that you can consider:


electronic storage

1. Electronic Storage

You can opt to store documents electronically. For example, in a removable flash drive or an external hard drive. External hard drives are faster in bulk data transfer. the removable flash drives are faster in transferring smaller-sized data. Storing your documents in electronic storage takes less space and portable. Makes it easy for you to carry those documents out in a case of emergencies. However, a disadvantage would be the need to print these documents out when you need them.

Another option to store your documents electronically would be in cloud-based storage. The most famous providers such as Google Drive, Apple iCloud, or Dropbox. However, it might not be totally secure. In February 2017, The Daily Mail reported that Amazon’s cloud storage, the Amazon S3 crashed for more than 3.5 hours, affecting approximately 150,000 sites. 


2. Zippered Plastic Bags

Another option to keep your important documents safe at home would be to store them in zippered plastic bags. These bags can protect them from water damage, sunlight, or accidental spills. The zippers would also ensure the documents do not fall out accidentally.

A disadvantage of using zippered plastic bags would be the amount of time needed to separate and store all your documents into individual bags. An efficient filing system is also needed for you to retrieve your documents easily.


3. Fireproof or Water-Resistant File Box

You may opt to keep your document in a fireproof or water-resistant file box. However, a disadvantage with these boxes is limited space. You will have to choose which documents or items are important to be stored. Alternatively, you may buy numerous boxes to store all of your important documents and boxes. However, in case of emergencies, transporting more than one box might pose a problem.


4. Home Safe Box

A home safe box is an option for those who prefer to avoid the hassle of having a safe deposit box in a bank. There are different types of home safe boxes such as fireproof, waterproof, water-resistant, and anti-theft. Choosing the right type of safe is dependant on your need. If you live in an area prone to flooding, then a waterproof or water-resistant box is suitable for you. If you are worried about theft, then opt for the anti-theft box.

The visibility of your safe is also another key consideration. A wall or floor safe is easier concealed compared to a freestanding safe. A safe that is secured to a floor or wall is also harder to be carried away by thieves.

However, the owner needs to remember the combination to the safe or keep the keys to the safe in a secure place. If any one of these two items can be accessed by a thief, then it defeats the purpose of storing your documents in the safe in the first place.


security sensor

5. Door/Window Security Sensor

There is still another option left! You can install a door/window sensor with linkage to a smart security system to give your important documents more comprehensive protection.

Installing door/window sensors not only will help you to safeguard every entrance and exit points, as well as your windows. Thinking out of the box, these sensors can also fit at unconventional spots, ie. safety box or cabinet door. Your imagination is only your limit.

When the door is pulled open, the sensor will immediately alert the control panel. You will also be able to receive real-time alerts on your phone. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an extra pair of eyes? For sure, there are places you wouldn’t want your children or nanny to wander into. In fact, every sensor will be able to tell you the specific location of the breach when triggered.

If you’re worried about missing the alerts, you can get assistance from truSafe’s partner – Chubb CMS. Chubb’s expert personnel will be on standby 24/7 to automatically respond to alarms. Interested to know more about the Chubb Monitoring Plan? Simply click here.


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