Where to Install Motion Sensors to Protect Your Home?

where to install motion sensor

Where to install motion sensors?

A motion sensor is what most people consider to be one the forefront of home security and this is rightfully so. Motion sensor (or otherwise known as a motion detector) is the main device in a home alarm system that detects the presence of an intruder in your home. It utilizes one or more technologies to detect movement in any area of your house. When the sensor is triggered, the device alerts the control panel of your security system. Then, it sends signals to you and your professional monitoring center of the potential break-in.

Apart from detecting potential break-ins, a motion sensor can also trigger a chime sound when someone, says the delivery guy, is at your front door. You can prevent kids from entering a restricted area in your house by alerting you when they enter the said area. Pair a motion sensor with a smart light could also save energy in areas that are not used frequently, e.g. kitchen, basement or the walk-way. 

With that said, simply installing a motion sensor is not enough. It is important to place the motion sensors in the right place to reap its maximum benefits.


Away from heat 

Keep motion sensors 3 to 5 meters away from heating vents, where the sunlight shines in, and radiators. If a motion sensor detects a swift change in heat, even that of a vehicle passing quickly over direct sunlight shining into your living room, it could trigger. Heat is one of the main elements that could trigger Passive Infrared sensors. As such, try to keep it away from potential sunlight or heat sources as you would not like a false alarm causing unnecessary panic to homeowners especially during the day time.

Must pass points 

Another important step is evaluating locations in your home that may possibly trespass
by intruders. Common points of home break-ins are the front doors, back doors, and windows. It’s advisable to place motion sensors in areas that an intruder will have to pass while heading in any direction. A hallway or stairwell leading up to rooms like master bedroom and other rooms that may contain valuable items.

High wall edges 

The best placement for your motion sensor is high up on your walls so that the sensor can cover a large area. As most of the motion sensor are 90 degree, room corners and wall edges are also ideal. This allow your motion sensor to cover the most area while having a good viewpoint of the entire space it covers. Nowadays, most motion sensors are wireless. Wireless motion sensors enable for an easy and speedy installation that do not require any drilling. These newer models of motion sensors interact with other components of your security system wirelessly.

Consider the size of your pets 

Advance motion sensors are pet immune which ignore pets under a certain weight. Even when used correctly, they could still create false alarms under certain conditions. Many pet immune sensors rates on animal’s weight, but in reality, they measure on heights. If your pet such as your cat likes to practice their high jump, it can set off false alarms. This is especially important to remember if you have active sensors near a shelf. On the ground, your pet may look like a mouse to the sensor. But, by the time your pet reaches the top, the sensor will be seeing a tiger.


Motion sensor plays an important part of your home security system to protect your home and your loved ones. As such, it is crucial to ensure you did place it effectively for it to work its full potential. Most professional safety solution companies will always able to advise you and suggest the best possible placements prior to installing motion sensors in your home. Therefore, consulting with professionals is always your safest bet. Nowadays, many motion sensors are wireless. This would provide an easy and speedy installation that do not require any drilling. These newer models of motion sensors will interact with other components of your security system wirelessly.



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