What To Do When A Burglar Breaks-In

What To Do When A Burglar Breaks-In?

When confronted with a horrifying situation like a burglar breaks-in, most people freeze in fear and lose the ability to think and plan for safety. these security tips are tips to remember when a burglar breaks in your home.

Identify Any Breaks-In or Burglar
Identify Any Breaks-In or Burglar

1. Identifying the situation


It is important to stay calm and analyze the situation. Is there really a housebreaker? And if there is, how many are there? Are they carrying weapons? The more information you have on the burglar, the more successful your following plan would be. Try to observe from a safe distance. Ideally, you have an indoor security camera that you can check through your phone.

Prepare an Escape Plan
Prepare an Escape Plan

2. Escape from the house if you must


Unless the sole purpose of this intrusion is to harm you, the burglar does not want a confrontation. But if they find you in the house, they might not have a choice to bind you or hurt you. Therefore, try your best to avoid confrontation with the burglar. Find the nearest and safest exit route. If you’re responsible for your family, quietly round them up and exit as soon as possible together. It would be best to map out an exit plan now that should need it in the future. If there are children or others who require assistance, make clear who is responsible for helping them and exactly what they need to do.

Mute and Hide from Burglar
Mute and Hide from Burglar

3. Be quiet and hide


If there isn’t an accessible exit, try your best to stay hidden. For the most part, burglars would ideally choose to break into a home while it’s empty. Making any noise might alert the burglars and push them into an offensive state. Make sure you stay hidden and quiet while you think of your next step. Consider these steps:


  1. Silent your phone, disable light and vibration alerts, and reduce the brightness.  
  2. Quietly gather your family and hide in a safe room.  
  3. Use a cloth to muffle your mouth in case you need to cough or sneeze.  
  4. Avoid the burglar’s path. Hide in a place they won’t be looking to loot.  
  5. Lock the door and barricade any entry to you quietly such as reinforcing the door.  
  6. Don’t grab a weapon. Unless you are a trained professional, this will probably make things worse rather than better. If the intruder sees you with a weapon, they are more likely to use theirs if they have one. The police may also mistake you for the intruder if they see you with a weapon.  


Much like having an exit plan, preparing a safe room for the future now is a good idea.

Call 999 or Press Panic Button
Call 999 or Press Panic Button

4. Call for help


Waiting for the burglars to leave is not a good idea. The longer they spend in the house, the more likely they are to find you. It is very important to always keep your phone charged for this step. Find a spot where you can’t be heard and call the police.

  • Dial 999
    • Be specific and tell them:
      i. There’s a burglar breaks-in
      ii. Where he is right now
      iii. Where you’re hiding
      iv. Your home addresses  
  • Press the panic button.
    • It could scare the burglar away. If you have a keychain remote for your alarm system or bedside panic button, those are worth trying as well. Panic button with professional monitoring services able to alert responders in the event of an emergency instantly. Shorten the time for helps to reach out to you without the need to go through the process of dial 999.

The objective of these steps is to keep yourself safe by putting a distance between you and the burglar until help comes. However, as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. The best way to stay safe is to avoid a break-in. The best security tip to avoid a break-in is to fortify your home with reliable home security from the professionals.


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